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Service dog trained to sound alert
Training One and Two Way Hearing, Diabetic and Alzheimer Alerts
(Alert 1.0)
One and Two Way Alerts can be used to train assistance dogs for people who are deaf or hard of hearing,...
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Service dog giving sound alert to owner.
Training a One Way Sound Alert
(Alert 1.1)
Learn how the One-Way sound alerts can be used to train assistance dogs for people who are hard of hearing,...
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Service dog being trained to sound alert
Two Way Alert for Sounds
(Alert 1.2)
This alert teaches the dog to let you know there is a specific sound and to take you to the source of...
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training a sound alert to a hearing dog
Training a Service Dog to do a Hearing Alert to Multiple Sounds (Alert 1.3)
A dog can be taught to alert to many different sounds using the same alert behavior. So when he hears an...
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scent box training service dog
Special Considerations for Training a Diabetic Alert
(Alert 1.4)
Question: “I’m wanting to train my dog as a diabetic alert dog being that I’m insulin dependent. My...
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Training a 4lb Diabetic Alert Dog Saves a Life-Many Times over!
(Alert 1.5)
The following is a letter we received from a person who emailed us asking for help. It is a glowing re...
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Brittany Puppies in Whelping box.
Basic Biological Development of a Puppy
A puppy’s life begins 63 days before he is born. While in the womb, he develops physically. His sense...
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Trainer handling dog with loose leash
Easy Way to Teach a Forward Puller to Start Unconsciously Paying Attention
to Leash Pressure.
Many dogs will pull hard when on a standard 4 to 6-foot (1.2-2m) leash. The trick is to teach them to...
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Dog Trainer Donna with labrador puppy
Request to Breeders
Are you a breeder raising and selling dogs? I have a tip for you! It’s purely my opinion and you can...
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service dog handlers need to stop using aversive tools to improve their bond with their dog
Want to Become a Better Trainer for Your Service Dog Candidate?
The vast majority of mistakes your dog makes are actually handler training errors. Here is a list of...
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Custome Service Dog Harness
Choosing a Harness for Pulling and Bracing
Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start training a dog to pull you in a harness or brace...
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Service with handler walking in public through automatic doorway
Teaching Your Service Dog to Heel
There is much confusion in the service dog world about what is heeling is and isn't. Before we can start...
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