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service dog at workplace with handler
Bringing my SDIT and Service Dog to Work
Depending where you are living and where you work, there is a process to follow to make your employer...
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What is The Role of Contrafreeloading in Training a Service Dog?
One of the terms we may hear bandied about in training dogs is "contrafreeloading". It's an interesting...
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dog mouth with teeth from the side
Regular Cleaning of a Dog's Teeth is Key for Long-Term Health
Cleaning your dog’s teeth on a regular basis is one of the easiest things you can do to maintain...
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dog pees on couch
Marking in Service Dogs
Marking in dogs is defined as when the dog lifts his leg on objects or people and leaves behind a small...
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Lucy sniffing bird poop
Handling Errors in Owner-Trained Service Dogs
Making errors can be very stressful for a dog, especially one working in public where the spotlight is...
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video series starting to self train service dog
What is involved in Self-Training a Service Dog?
Here are 4 videos that give an overview of the realities and needs of self-training your own service...
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cavalier chewing bone
Resource Guarding in Service Dogs
(Part 1)
The first time your service dog growls at you when you try to take something away from him, you feel...
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two dogs food dish
Resource Guarding in Service Dogs
(Part 2)
Even among carefully selected and raised service dogs, resource guarding may appear in a dog that has...
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golden counter surfing
When Do We Need to Do Remedial Training with a Service Dog?
As you progress through training your own service dog, you will find that there are behaviors that your...
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How to Use the Clicker to Shape Your Dog's Behavior
SDTI uses shaping as one of the training approaches to help a dog learn new behaviors.  It can be...
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aussie pup environmental enrichment
What Are the Best Learning Environments for Your Puppy?
Start in a familiar environment (at home with familiar people). Choose the basic skills you need your...
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owner-trained service dog handler
One Person's Journey to a Trained Service Dog
Caroline Mitter has kindly allowed me to share this post with you about the process of becoming a team...
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