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CAD $10.99/month
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Library Subscription

Learn about our online library that includes videos, audios, blog articles, webinars, links to service dog-related research studies and more!

CAD $49.99 x 1 payment
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Service Puppy Program (Self Study)

Our 2 month Self-Study “Service Puppy” program for puppies 8-16 weeks old provides a flexible outline to build a bond with your pup. It teaches you how to teach your pup how to be a functional dog and how to fit well within the family. You learn the theory and practical skills and apply them with your pup.

CAD $54.99/month
Trainer with service dog training in public

Train the Dog Program (Self Study)

Our 9 month self-study “Train The Dog” program provides a structured program to follow. It teaches owner-trainers of service and assistance dogs and dog professionals the many different ways a dog learns so you can select the best way to teach a specific dog. We use a dog-centered approach that looks at the needs a dog has, how they communicate those and how the handler responds appropriately. That builds a strong bond so you will be able to learn anything together! Program includes our Library Subscription.

CAD $54.99/month
Service Dog Training lagotto puppy beside wheelchair

Service Dog Training Program

This program is for owner trainers of service dogs and assistance dogs.
Program includes our Library Subscription.
Prerequisite: Train the Dog Program

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Free Sample Lesson

(Samples from Train the Dog-Module 9)
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