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The Service Puppy and Foundation Concepts Programs have open registration any time.

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Learn about our online library that includes videos, audios, blog articles, live Q & A, webinars, links to service dog-related research studies and more!

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Service Dog Learning Nose Tageting

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Service Puppy Program

Our 2 month online Self-Study “Service Puppy” program for puppies 8-16 weeks old provides a flexible outline to build a bond with your pup. It teaches you how to teach your pup how to be a functional dog.

Service Dog Learning Nose Tageting

Foundation Concept
Training Packages

Learn the fastest and easiest ways that your dog learns. These foundations are a great start for any service dog. Learn to train like a professional dog trainer!

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Settle-Relax Program

Settle or relax is a crucial foundation skill that every service dog needs. This calm behavior takes time to develop but you will learn how to teach your dog to be relaxed on a mat using several different concepts. Discover how to refine the base behavior and generalize it to public places. The process also helps the handler relax as well.

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Medical Task Programs

Discover what medical tasks you can train your dog and how to train them using a variety of concepts. 

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Stress and the Owner-Trained Service Dog Webinar

Learn how to recognize signs of stress in a service dog, what causes it and practical ways to address it. Discover the biology behind stress. Prerecorded 60 minute webinar includes 30 minute question/answer session.

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Public Access Programs

The required knowledge, skills, behaviors and approaches will be broken down into 3 programs.