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Dog with EMT handlers.
Finding the Perfect Owner-Trained Service Dog for PTSD, Anxiety, and Autism
A common question we get, often after a team has failed, is what to look for and what to avoid in a future...
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Service dog showing stress
Signs that an Anxiety/PTSD/Autism Service Dog is Stressed by the Handler's Behavior
As professional dog trainers, it’s crucial to recognize that a handler’s behavior and living situation...
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Golden Retriever Service Dog Training Plan
The Art of Service Dog Training: Planning, Flexibility, and Creativity
Hey there, fellow service dog enthusiasts! 🐾 Today, let’s dive into the wonderful world of dog...
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dogs wearing headphones
Have Trouble Learning by Listening or Reading?
1). Learning by Listening Try listening just before bedtime. That way you are relaxed and focused only...
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Treats meat
Ideas for Food Reinforcers for Training
The following is a list of foods that can be used as training treats. If your dog has dietary limitations,...
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puppy biting arm
Hard-mouthed Dogs and Sharky Teeth:
Teaching Bite Inhibition
Years ago, we added a new canine member to our family who was 22 months. While she appeared...
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Creative ways of delivering training treats to dog
Creative Ways to Deliver Training Treats to Your Service Dog
Running out of Idea for creative delivery of food treats for your dog?  Using a bit of imagination can...
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training 2 service dogs at the same time
Health Concerns about Spaying or Neutering Your Golden Retriever Service Dog
University of California (Davis) study on the health effects of neutering Golden Retrievers.
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Training toy for dog ideas
Free DIY toy that is sure to keep your dog happy!
Free DIY toy with easy find materials that is sure to keep your dog occupied!
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How Do I Gradually Reduce (aka Fading) The Use of Training Tools? 
Once your dog has been trained to do a specific behaviour, any training tool you use needs to be gradually...
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feed for position dog training
Training Reinforcers
There are many options that can be used as reinforcers for teaching and training your service dog while...
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Making toy for dog.
No Sew DIY Dog Tug and Chew Toy "Octopus"
Learn how to make a DIY free no sew tug and chew toy for your dog.
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