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puppy jumps on young child, unwanted behavior
The First and Most Important Step to Solving Behavior Issues in Service Dogs
Wouldn’t it be great if we could figure out what’s going on in our dog’s heads and solve our dog’s behavior?...
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Dog Training Leash
Helpful Leash Tip for Wheelchair Users with Assistance Dogs 1.2
We have had several questions about the best leashes to use with wheelchairs so here is our response!...
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Service with handler walking in public through automatic doorway
Teaching Your Dog To Stay in Position While Moving
Ever wonder how good trainers can teach their dog to walk nicely on leash without any correction tools?...
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Service dog retrieving credit card for wheelchair owner
Wheelchair Tasks for Assistance Dogs 1.1
List of Tasks for Wheelchair It is usually easiest to teach the following tasks with the handler either...
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Instructor with brittany puppy
Q/A Chat for Service Puppy for Owner Trainers
Here's a 54 minute webinar overview of training your own service dog. Enjoy!
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Wheelchair user training service dog
Wheelchair Skills 1.0
Preparation for Training: There are several basic skills that are need for an assistance dog that helps...
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Dog owner watering dog to keep hydratec
Keep Your Service Dog Hydrated on a Hot Day Without Water!
As the temperature rises, it’s important to keep our service dogs hydrated and healthy. Dogs are...
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Dog Attention Barking
The 6 Laws of Learning as Applied to Barking
As a service dog trainer, it's crucial to know Laws of Learning for effective behavior treatment plans....
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Service dog trained to sound alert
Training One and Two Way Hearing, Diabetic and Alzheimer Alerts
(Alert 1.0)
One and Two Way Alerts can be used to train assistance dogs for people who are deaf or hard of hearing,...
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Service dog giving sound alert to owner.
Training a One Way Sound Alert
(Alert 1.1)
Learn how the One-Way sound alerts can be used to train assistance dogs for people who are hard of he...
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Service dog being trained to sound alert
Two Way Alert for Sounds
(Alert 1.2)
This alert teaches the dog to let you know there is a specific sound and to take you to the source of...
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training a sound alert to a hearing dog
Training a Service Dog to do a Hearing Alert to Multiple Sounds (Alert 1.3)
A dog can be taught to alert to many different sounds using the same alert behavior. So when he hears an...
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