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Dog owner watering dog to keep hydratec
Keep Your Service Dog Hydrated on a Hot Day Without Water!
As the temperature rises, it’s important to keep our service dogs hydrated and healthy. Dogs are...
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Custome Service Dog Harness
Choosing a Harness for Pulling and Bracing
Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start training a dog to pull you in a harness or brace...
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adventure box
Environmental Enrichment Ideas for Service Dog Breeders and Young Puppies Recently Removed from their Litter
Both while still at the breeder and after they have been taken to their new homes, puppies need enrichment...
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over the shoulder hands free leash for service dogs
Is a Hands-free Leash The Right Tool for You and Your Service Dog?
Some service dog handler’s prefer to use a leash they don’t have to hold in their hands. Some benefits...
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retractible leash on beach
Considerations When Using Flexible/Retractible Leashes
Thoughtful use of a retractible leash is required to keep your service dog safe, healthy and trauma free....
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A rottweiller dog wears a Y-shaped front clip walking harness
Wearing Harnesses Not Collars
for Service Dogs
Listen to this on audio file. Recently there has been a real push to use flat body harnesses in training...
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sample high value treats for service dog training
I Can't Use Food for Training My Dog!
“I Can’t Use Food for Training my Dog!” I hear this comment occasionally when I get...
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silicon waffle pan with egg mixture-fast easy treats for a training a service dog
Fast Easy Healthy Microwave Dog Training Egg Treats
It can be hard to find good treats to use for training.  Here’s simple recipe that you can...
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licky toys
Using Toys and Games In Training a Service Dog
Toys and games can be a very useful tools to help train a service dog. Different kinds of toys can be...
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dog toys in store
Marker-based Training Without Food
We recently received this question! Thought we would post the answer in case it was useful...
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