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diabetic alert dog labrador
To Vest or Not To Vest a training?
When self-training a service dog, does my dog need to wear a vest to identify him as a service dog (in...
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Service dog potty training
Potty Problems During Travel
Considerations for potty training your service dog during winter travel due to stress and the busy holiday...
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service dog at workplace with handler
Bringing my SDIT and Service Dog to Work
Depending where you are living and where you work, there is a process to follow to make your employer...
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sign welcoming visitors to British Columbia
Travelling with A Service Dog in Canada & US
Before travelling outside their state or province, North American owner-trained service dogs need to...
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sample BC service dog certificate tag
Do I need to Certify my Service Dog in Canada?
It Depends. If you are only going to use your dog at home, if you don’t rent or live in strata,...
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halloween wolf costume with service dog
Preparing a Service Dog For Halloween or a Disneyland Visit: Desensitizing a Dog to Costumes
Above Photo: Cindy Schwab Campbell 2020 Question:  My service dog will be coming with me to Disney...
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children running towards service dog
6 Ways to Deal with Children in Public with Your Service Dog
When you are out in public and training your service dog (or SDit) people (especially kids) can and will...
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sample BC service dog certificate tag
What Does Service Dog Certification Process Look Like? 
Before you apply to a certifying body (government or ADI accredited organization) for certification to...
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service dog airport check in
What is Needed to Legally Change Your ESA (Emotional Support Animal) Into a Service Dog That Qualifies Under the New USA and Canada Transport Laws
With the new (2021) transportation laws around service dogs in the USA and Canada, people with an emotional...
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Service Dog with vest in grocery store. Service Dog Training Institute
Do I Need to Certify my Service Dog or Assistance Dog?
Do I Need to Certify my Dog? The answer is, it depends in what environments you want to use your dog’s...
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Canada flag
In Canada, How Can I Get My Self-Trained Service Dog Legally Certified as a Service Dog?
First, it is the team, not just the dog that is certified. Getting my Self-Trained Service Dog legally...
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service dog team walking in store
Public Access Training for Service Dog Candidates
Public Access Training is the difference between a service dog and a service dog candidate. The International...
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