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puppy jumps on young child, unwanted behavior
The First and Most Important Step to Solving Behavior Issues in Service Dogs
Wouldn’t it be great if we could figure out what’s going on in our dog’s heads and solve our dog’s behavior?...
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Service with handler walking in public through automatic doorway
Teaching Your Dog To Stay in Position While Moving
Ever wonder how good trainers can teach their dog to walk nicely on leash without any correction tools?...
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Dog Attention Barking
The 6 Laws of Learning as Applied to Barking
As a service dog trainer, it's crucial to know Laws of Learning for effective behavior treatment plans....
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Trainer handling dog with loose leash
Easy Way to Teach a Forward Puller to Start Unconsciously Paying Attention
to Leash Pressure.
Many dogs will pull hard when on a standard 4 to 6-foot (1.2-2m) leash. The trick is to teach them to...
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service dog handlers need to stop using aversive tools to improve their bond with their dog
Want to Become a Better Trainer for Your Service Dog Candidate?
The vast majority of mistakes your dog makes are actually handler training errors. Here is a list of...
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Service with handler walking in public through automatic doorway
Teaching Your Service Dog to Heel
There is much confusion in the service dog world about what is heeling is and isn't. Before we can start...
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Counter Conditioning
Desensitization and counter conditioning are often paired together to achieve better results. For example,...
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jessie sdit vest
Are You a Recipe Trainer or a Concept Trainer?
Your approach to dog training can make or break your service dog’s success! Everyone has skills...
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What is The Role of Contrafreeloading in Training a Service Dog?
One of the terms we may hear bandied about in training dogs is "contrafreeloading". It's an interesting...
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Lucy sniffing bird poop
Handling Errors in Owner-Trained Service Dogs
Making errors can be very stressful for a dog, especially one working in public where the spotlight is...
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golden counter surfing
When Do We Need to Do Remedial Training with a Service Dog?
As you progress through training your own service dog, you will find that there are behaviors that your...
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How to Use the Clicker to Shape Your Dog's Behavior
SDTI uses shaping as one of the training approaches to help a dog learn new behaviors.  It can be...
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