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dog poop sign
Poop Quiz
Your dog’s droppings can be a good indicator of health problems. It is important to watch it daily...
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puppy dog heart health quiz
Canine Heart Quiz
Find out how much you know about dog heart health.
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owner-trained service dog handler
One Person's Journey to a Trained Service Dog
Caroline Mitter has kindly allowed me to share this post with you about the process of becoming a team...
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they give you alot of treats cartoon
Sayings to Ponder (Staying Motivated to Train Your Dog)
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Service Dog Training Costs and Expenses
How to Fundraise
Service Dog Training
& Equipment Costs
It is important that you have funds available while you owner-train your service dog. Having a lump sum...
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Match the service dog breed to country of origin quiz
Service Dog Breed Origin Match Game
Look at the puppy on the left. Can you identify the breed?  If you can, match it with the country where...
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golden in car boot
My Service Dog is Worth More than Your Vehicle!
A local service dog training organization has calculated the value of a certified service dog at CDN$80,000....
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dog training of past present future
Dog Training Past, Present and Future
There are many ways to train a dog to be a service dog or just a well-adjusted canine family member....
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