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Canine Body Language

dog pees on couch
Marking in Service Dogs
Marking in dogs is defined as when the dog lifts his leg on objects or people and leaves behind a small...
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service dog body language communication
Communication with Your Service Dog in Training
Developing a working relationship with your service dog or assistance dog is all about having good communication...
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dog cartoon getting on chair
Improving the Bond with Your Service Dog
Click here for audio file. A fairly common complaint among assistance dog owners who have family...
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spooky dog with glowing eyes at night for halloween
Taking The Fear out of Halloween and Other Night Events for Your Service Dog
Tips for Preparing for Halloween and other Evening Events  Preparing a dog for new and scary situations...
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puppy biting arm
How to Choose a Puppy Class for Your Service Dog Candidate
Starting your puppy out right can make a high difference in both his progress and the final outcome....
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puppy loop no more crying
Never Have a Night Crying Puppy Again!
As a person training your own service dog, the last thing you need a is a puppy that cries all night....
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