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Service Dog handler with trainer
So you have a behavior problem with your Service Dog in training!
Where do you get Help?
The bigger question you need to understand before answering this question is “What’s the difference...
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jessie sdit vest
Are You a Recipe Trainer or a Concept Trainer?
Your approach to dog training can make or break your service dog’s success! Everyone has skills...
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Boy with service dog in store
Pros and Cons of Having an Autism Dog for a Child or Teen
Many parents struggle whether to get dog for their child who is on the autism spectrum. Should that dog...
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service dog with handler volunteering in hospital
Coping with Stress During Covid 19
Dealing with Stress During Covid 19 This is a tumultuous time! During the various shut downs that are...
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loose leash walking service dog waist leash
MORE on How to Stay Motivated Training Your Own Service Dog
(Part 3)
Go back to PART 2 18. Incorporate a bigger reward for yourself after you have done a specific number...
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Service Dog handler with trainer
Knowing When to Ask for Help With The Training Process
Recent experience with owner-trainers struggling with slow progress in basic dog training, despite positive...
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20 gallon fish tank
Using a Fish Tank (Aquarium) to Mask Background Noise and Reduce Anxiety
Many of SDTI students suffer from anxiety and this is why they have a service dog. They and/or their...
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Owner Trained Service Dog travels to Europe
Enjoy the Service Dog Journey: Progress Not Perfection
One of the most important things that crossover trainers (trainers who are changing from a correction-based...
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service dog with handler volunteering in hospital
The Secret to Creating a
Successful Service Dog
What Does a Dog Need to Know to Be a Good Service Dog? When thinking of training their own medical service...
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screenshot of program overview
Stick With The Program!
There are many distractions today when owner-training a service dog. And I’m not only talking about...
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lessons from clicker training
What We Learn by Marker Training our Service Dog
(Part 1)
Marker-based training aka “Clicker Training” is an approach to training your dog but it’s...
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improve your timing with bouncing ball dog training SDTI
More Life Lessons of Training a Service Dog with Clicker Training
(Part 2)
Click here for Part 1 Improves our Eye/Hand Coordination: The mechanical skills used in marker training...
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