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Basic Dog Skills

Service dog potty training
Potty Problems During Travel
Considerations for potty training your service dog during winter travel due to stress and the busy holiday...
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Service dog potty training
Pottying a Service Dog
This is an important but often overlooked topic for service dogs. Service dogs must be potty-trained...
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Trainer handling dog with loose leash
Easy Way to Teach a Forward Puller to Start Unconsciously Paying Attention
to Leash Pressure.
Many dogs will pull hard when on a standard 4 to 6-foot (1.2-2m) leash. The trick is to teach them to...
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Service with handler walking in public through automatic doorway
Teaching Your Service Dog to Heel
There is much confusion in the service dog world about what is heeling is and isn't. Before we can start...
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adolescent dog with stick
Calming a Hyper Service Dog in Training
Owner training allows handlers to choose some non-traditional breeds or higher energy individualĀ dogs...
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golden service dog with wheelchair
Keeping Training a Service Dog Simple
Training your own service dog seems like a complicated long term and in depth process, and it is! Keeping...
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service dog team walking in store
Starting to Train your SDiT in Public Places
Whether to are just starting out with your pup in public places or resuming training after a break (such...
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generalize underchair service dog behavior
Helping an Assistance Dog Learn to Generalize Behaviors
The ability of a service dog to generalize a behavior is an important skill. Generalization involves...
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Generalizing Behaviors and Tasks to many Locations
Generalizing a behavior is a very important skill for every owner-trained assistance dog, and in dog...
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settle near computer
Teaching Your Service Dog to Relax While You are on the Phone or a Video Chat
Have you ever noticed that when you get on the phone or a web chat tat your dog suddenly needs all your...
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service dog calmly greeting man at the door of a home
Does Your Dog Jump on Visitors or People at Home?
Is your dog overly friendly to everyone? A great way to teach your dog to stopĀ jumping on visitors in...
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Two service dog handlers walk their dogs down a metal boat ramp.
Teaching Your Service to Heel and Walk on a Loose Leash
There is much confusion in the service dog world about what is heeling is and loose leash walking. Before...
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