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diabetic alert dog labrador
To Vest or Not To Vest a training?
When self-training a service dog, does my dog need to wear a vest to identify him as a service dog (in...
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Service Dog in Public Owner in Wheelchair
What Makes a Good Service Dog?
Learn the tasks and characteristics that make for a good service dog or assistance dog candidate for...
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Service Dog handler with trainer
So you have a behavior problem with your Service Dog in training!
Where do you get Help?
The bigger question you need to understand before answering this question is “What’s the difference...
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Service dog potty training
Potty Problems During Travel
Considerations for potty training your service dog during winter travel due to stress and the busy holiday...
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Service Dog In Training diabetic alert and meter
Choosing an Alert Behavior for Your Medical Service Dog
When considering what alert behavior you want to train, here are some things to keep in mind: Alerts...
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Service dog potty training
Pottying a Service Dog
This is an important but often overlooked topic for service dogs. Service dogs must be potty-trained...
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puppy jumps on young child, unwanted behavior
The First and Most Important Step to Solving Behavior Issues in Service Dogs
Wouldn’t it be great if we could figure out what’s going on in our dog’s heads and solve our dog’s behavior?...
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Service with handler walking in public through automatic doorway
Teaching Your Dog To Stay in Position While Moving
Ever wonder how good trainers can teach their dog to walk nicely on leash without any correction tools?...
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Instructor with brittany puppy
Q/A Chat for Service Puppy for Owner Trainers
Here's a 54 minute webinar overview of training your own service dog. Enjoy!
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Wheelchair user training service dog
Wheelchair Skills 1.0
Preparation for Training: There are several basic skills that are need for an assistance dog that helps...
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Service dog retrieving credit card for wheelchair owner
Wheelchair Tasks for Assistance Dogs 1.1
List of Tasks for Wheelchair It is usually easiest to teach the following tasks with the handler either...
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Dog Training Leash
Helpful Leash Tip for Wheelchair Users with Assistance Dogs 1.2
We have had several questions about the best leashes to use with wheelchairs so here is our response!...
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