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Creative Ways to Deliver Training Treats to Your Service Dog

Creative ways of delivering training treats to dog

Running out of Idea for creative delivery of food treats for your dog?

Using a bit of imagination can improve a dog’s food motivation by turning the pursuit of the treats into a fun game! They might be used to deliver each treat during a training session, or several at the end as a Premack Principle application. Alternating between them or using several in a training session will also help make your dog more flexible in treat delivery. Take these ideas and run with them! What other ideas can you come up with?

Delivering to dog’s mouth

Dropping from your mouth to your dog below

Dropping on ground

Rolling along ground to chase

Tossing for your dog to catch

Roll it down a tube (cardboard or PVC)

Spread paste on a wooden spoon to be licked off

Lick a finger after dipped in a bowl

Smeared on a yogurt container

Dried on a plate

Licky mat-in home for husbandry care, adding duration, take it with you for DS dogs to background noises etc

Snuffle mat

Toss treat on a dog bed or towel (so treat location is consistent)

Toss treat into a big bowl (great for outdoors where the treat gets lost in the dirt

Placed on a plate or small board (for dog to run to after he’s released)

Remote treat dispenser (one treat or several)

Food tubes-condiment containers at outdoor stores-beware of air farts, your dog may be afraid of them, great to hold with gloves in the cold

Infant food pouches-various flavors-can get organic

Food balls (velcro) like Lotus ball, Fleece treat hugger


Food toys like Kong, West Paw Topple

Holee Roller-wropped in material strip and stuffed inside

Inside a toilet paper roll-crimp the ends

Inside a cardboard box (with or without a lid)

Inside a plastic container with holes slightly bigger than the treat

Pop Bottle on a wire-dog paws bottle to get the treat to dump out

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