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refine shaping better hold of objects
A Hand-Delivered Retrieve
Here's how to keep yourself from "Lumping" or asking too much of your dog while training delivery to...
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service dog training handler on ground
Seizure Response (and Alert) Dogs
How are they trained?
While scientists do not yet understand the exact trigger* (see below) that dogs recognize to know a seizure...
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senior man walking with dog
Alzheimer's Support or Alert Dogs
Alzheimer’s Alert dogs are dogs that are trained to help the caregiver but also provide emotional...
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Service Dog In Training diabetic alert and meter
How to Train a One Way Diabetic Alert; An Overview
The actual training process to teach a diabetic alert dog how to do an alert is a straight forward process. If...
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Service Dog anxiety alert
PTSD and Anxiety Alert Tasks
Assistance Dogs
The fastest growing sector of service dogs is the use for treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)...
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Service dog helping handler in wheelchair
List of Service Dog and
Assistance Dog Tasks or
What Your Dog Can Do For You
While most people categorize the type of service dog by the tasks it does for the handler, all service...
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anxiety ptsd dog task light pressure
Concerns About Training Your Own Anxiety Assistance Puppy
A recent trend is for owner trainers to train their own Anxiety Alert Dogs. I have seen several issues...
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