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(5) Shaping

Overview What Will You Learn? Overview Shaping is both an overall process and a specific skill that teaches you to respond to your dog’s learning in the moment. Behaviors that used to be thought of as very difficult to teach a service dog become much easier when you apply the laws of shaping. Only your

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Service Dog learning on mat

(4) Classical Conditioning

Overview What will you Learn? Overview Dogs drool when you sound a tone. Does that ring a bell?  The concept of classical conditioning has broad applications to everything a dog learns. From adding a simple cue and capturing a response, interrupting unwanted behaviors to changing how a dog feels about a trigger, “Pavlov is always

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Service Dog Learning Nose Tageting

(3) Targeting & Luring

Overview What will you Learn? Overview In life, we use the concept of targeting without even thinking!  We place a blanket for our dog to lay down on or pat the back of the car seat for him to jump in. We send our dog to find a family member. Dogs trained for TV and

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Dogs mirroring each other

(2) Social Learning

Overview What will you Learn? Overview As social animals, dog learn by copying other dogs behaviors. Anyone who has lived with a dog for any length of time also knows that they also learn from humans. From copying our general posture, direction and speed to paying attention to our small behaviors and very complex chains

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Free shaping service dog training

(1) Capturing

Overview What will you Learn? Overview Want to Learn a Secret? “Capturing” is the fastest, easiest way to get behaviors from your dog. Using the concept of “Capturing”, you can quickly name any finished behavior your dog does naturally. Even cute ones like a chin rest or catch your tail that will be helpful as

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