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Slow Feeders

Some people like to use  a “slow feeder” if their dog tends to gobble their food.  Honestly, I am not a fan of these. I find they can increase the dog’s frustration when eating. If you have a hungry dog and you make it harder for them to eat their food, this increases arousal level […]

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What Foods To Avoid? P04L25

What Foods To Avoid? Commercially made dry treats that crumble. This teaches your pup to scavenge off the ground if a tiny bit falls. Save these for Kongs and food puzzles. Avoid using liver or kidney alone as a training treat. It is very rich and too much can cause diarrhea. It is best to

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Feeding Puppy P04L25

Feeding your puppy by hand helps to build the bond. Of course, any training you do that will involve hand-feeding rewards also does it as well.  For food, if the breeder hasn’t already recommended or required it, you might want to consider adding at least 20% of fresh food to your dog’s kibble or feed a

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