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P2 Preparing Your Puppy for a Functional Life

Discussion P2G3

Your Turn! Start by making a list of locations specific to where you live for each age group. Next, make a list of locations and environments that your pup will be working in as an adult that are specific to your lifestyle and career. Look down the road in time, about 3-10 years, realizing that your […]

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Dress up /Costumes

Dress up This one is great for kids and adults: supply wigs, sunglasses, masks, hats, head wraps, bathrobe, skirt, beards, mustaches etc  Start with each person putting on and modeling each item one at a time with puppy watching. Then have two at a time put them on then three.Alternatively, have people come as their favorite

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Agility Each person gets your puppy to interact with a different obstacle: on a long board on a wobble board  through a hoop  around a cone  through a cat tunnel or cardboard box  through a short ladder  under a table on a low platform All at the pup’s pace of course! In the video, two pups

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Host this at a house with a net goal. Visitors bring balls, sticks, badminton racquets, beach ball, bocce ball, baseball gloves, umpire mask, referee outfit, skateboard etc. This 13 week old golden is fine with the skateboard. The sound catches her attention then she goes off to play in the plant. Be aware that small

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People send or bring their favorite song to the gathering and it gets played on a loud speaker or the TV.  Start softly then get louder. This could be combined with Puppy Massage where you teach visitors how to gently massage your puppy at the base of neck, chest or base of tail. Or with

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Novel Objects

Strange Objects Each person brings an unusual object for pup to interact with it. Some ideas include:  A plastic stool could be turned upside down and the pup walk through it. large fabric bag puppy steps into camera tripod that puppy walks through plastic box puppy steps into. cardboard box that puppy walks through smaller box that

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Kitchen Things Everyone brings an unusual (hardy and puppy safe) item from the kitchen for the pup to interact with in wood, metal and plastic. pot pan bowl cup potato masher whisk Rubbermaid container or yogurt container to put food into Each person takes a turn over the visit to place it on the ground

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Obj. 6: Other New Environments

Objective 6: Pup experiences new environments I take advantage of trips to the store to socialize a pup. One person goes to do the shopping, the other takes the pup outside the entrance or in the store to acclimate (sniff, listen and look around) then train if the pup is ready for it. The session

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Obj. 4: In the House and Yard

Objective 4: Pup experiences objects in the house and yard Every day objects can be used to enrich your puppy’s world. Simply changing their orientation and get your pup to interact with them can be valuable for building confidence. These can be used during puppy gatherings. Here is a small table. Use it upright to get

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