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P1 Living with Your Puppy

Discussion Questions P01L13

As you progress with socialization and environmental enrichment, note in your journal any thing, being or situation that your pup is worried about and how you resolved the fear. Also notice anything your pup gets excited about. Documenting these details will help you see if a pattern is emerging for your pup and how you respond. […]

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Discussion P1L4

1).  Now is the time to start putting together your journal. This is your first assignment! Grab a 3 ring binder or spiral bound book or set up an excel spreadsheet or other system. Make sure there is a pocket or large envelope for receipts and other loose documents. You can modify it as you

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Obj 1. Desensitization to Motion

Objective 1: Pup is desensitized to motion triggers Start with set up training situations so you can control the biting behavior. This was a spontaneous session when the handler told me the pup has been jumping and biting at objects and even people’s hands recently. You can see her jumping and grabbing at the start

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Typical Scenario: What To Do

What NOT to do: Here is a classic pant biting puppy. The whole 39 second video is them letting the pup bite. What TO DO: Set the situation up as a training session. Have a bowl of food ready in several places in the house. That allows you to take action right away. The

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A Foundation Behavior

Potty Training – A Foundation Behavior Keeping your pup confined when you can’t directly supervise him to see the early signs that he has to go is key to success. A defined are in one room that is gated of, in an Xpen or a crate helps with potty training. Also taking him out frequently

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Desensitizing Inanimate Objects

Using their senses is how a dog learns about the world. If we address each sense, we can break the fear into smaller pieces so the pup can more easily overcome each piece. A). Smelling & Touching the Object Start with the object stationary at a distance that is below your pup’s threshold.Let your pup

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