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Problem Solving *Free*

This dog starts to focus on the hand holding the treat and ignoring the target hand. It’s a simple fix: put your hand holding the food behind your back between each repetition. It also can help to feed the dog with the target hand or place the treat on the palm of the target hand. […]

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Discussion (M9G1) *Free*

Discussion For everyday life or your own disabilities, what behaviors do you need a nose target to start teaching? You will first have to identify which tasks you need your dog to do for you. Next, think about which one might be started with a nose target. Hint: A list of some behaviours that a

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Obj 5: Figure Eight *Free*

Doing a Figure Eight Around Your Legs This is a great activity to increase your training skill and start to read and respond appropriately to your dog’s body language during training. This is actually a difficult skill for many dogs and handlers alike!  It is because the dog is learning a behavior that is done in

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Obj 3: Verbal Cue *Free*

Objective 3: Dog responds to the verbal cue. When your dog is reliably nose touching your hand in a variety of locations, you can start adding the cue just before the dog starts doing it. Here I train Lucy to do it in a new outdoor location. First review the behavior without the cue, then start adding

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