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Foundation Concepts - Module 18

Discussion M16L4

How good is your dog’s short term memory for new behaviours? How about long term memory? Knowing this can help you schedule how often your dog needs to review behaviors. If his short term memeory is short then you will need to practive new behaviors more often. If he has a good long term memory,

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Discussion M16L3

Is fluency coming more quickly with each behavior you train? Are there some behaviors your dog is having challenges with fluency? If so, which ones are they? How can you find more solutions?  

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Discussion M16L2

1).  In a public location that is most convenient to you that allows your dog there, identify all the features you can use for pattern training. For example, a local outdoor mall or big box store. An underground parkade has heavy metal doors, closed stairways, ramps, grates, big fans, elevators etc.  Downtown in or city is

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Make a Plan

Identify each situation where you need a patterned behavior. Figure our what the pattern will look like. What specific behaviors do you need him to do? Is it a series of the same behaviors or different ones? Where will you stop? What will the dog do? Will he have to switch sides? Where will you

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Discussion M16L1

1). Choose one behavior that your dog does easily. Stand for example.Choose a personal interaction reinforcer that could be done unobtrusively in public. For example: rub her sideTry pairing the two: stand, mark then rub. How does your dog respond? 2). Choose a behavior that requires a bit of effort for your dog. Not a huge effort, just

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Trained Behaviors as Reinforcers

Using Trained Behaviors as Reinforcers Look at behaviors you have already taught. Can any of these be used as reinforcers for other behaviors? Look creatively at:   Does your dog enjoy tugging?Retrieving?Shutting a door? Jumping in the air?Rolling over?Doing deep pressure therapy (laying on you).Enjoy nose or paw targeting to the point of using it as

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