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Foundation Concepts - Module 17

F). Follow Up

We did a third session with Bruce and Brody to make sure that he was very comfortable with Bruce changing position, talking with him, looking at him etc.  From there I sent Bruce outside with two value of treats. I put Brody on a long line (attached to his harness) and led him to a […]

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E). Second Session

The fan is back on. Let’s see how Brody does this session. Look at the change in his response to Bruce’s arrival!  Check out his commissures at 1:52. See how persistent he at 3:30-3:45 when the treat goes behind the water bucket? At 4:06 I ask Bruce to toss the treats close to the gate

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D). Choosing to Come Closer

The fan had just shut off at this point. At 0:42, I asked Bruce to step closer to the gate to evaluate how Brody was feeling. Brody backed up a little further that he had before to sit, keeping the distance between him and bruce the same. This is the distance that he is currently

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B). Stressors Stacking up

A fan went on in the background. That adds to his stress load.  At first he backs away but when Bruce changes position at 0:20, he runs forward toward the threat and gives a throaty bark. This could be a choke from a treat as he looks for a treat right after, but it’s hard

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Discussion M19G11

Describe the behaviors you observe Brody doing when Bruce arrives the first time in the first video (A). Describe the specific behavior changes you see in Brodywhen Bruce comes back into the kennel area in the last video (E). What is your interpretation of what happened over the course of the 25 minutes session? What

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Treat and Retreat Protocol

The Protocol is Straight Forward: 1.) The person the dog is afraid of approaches to a distance where the dog does (ideally) not react and while the dog is watching, tosses a low value treat behind the dog so he moves away from the person to get it. 2.) The second high value treat is

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The Set Up

The fearful dog is in an environment where he has space to move away from the people he’s worried about. We start with playing the game with a known person he is comfortable so he knows how to play and so that a baseline can be established to evaluate how he responds to someone he

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Case Study

Case Study: Let’s follow the application of the Treat and Retreat protocol with a fearful dog. It has been adapted to his needs and the shelter kennel situation which doesn’t give the dog as much choice and space as I like to give a dog. We also couldn’t use the alternative protocol of the person

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