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Foundation Concepts - Module 16

Discussion M14G13

Share your training plan Show video footage of the final behavior in a distracting environment. Share your self-evaluation (including if the you deviated from your original training plan and how. What you changed.) Share your maintenance plan for the behavior. Click When Completed!

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Problem Solving SM14G12A

Did you see what she did when I fed with the incorrect hand? Watch the positions 5 video clip again. She moved so she was facing that hand. That meant she changed her orientation to face me, which wasn’t what I wanted. I quickly realize my error and change the treats to the other hand.

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Obj 3: Change Orientation

Objective 3: Change Orientation In this step, we have changed orientation 90 degrees (quarter circle) and I am watching to see if Lucy can find the desired position on the first repetition. She did!  Use a little wait time if the dog doesn’t get all four feet on the platform. If after a few seconds

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Changing Location

Changing Location Once I put the objects on the floor, this was the hardest combination for Lucy. it took many many sessions for her to get this. I think because the behaviours share use of her mouth but are close to her paws. (You can hear my more forceful tones). I was getting frustrated and

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