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Foundation Concepts - Module 15

Obj 3 Walk across plank

Your dog will be more stable and likely to keep all four feet on the board if you start with a little bit of speed. Walking slowly makes it harder for them to balance as the need a wider stance to do so. So I start with placing a treat on the ground on one

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Obj 1 Stand on wider plank

Start with a plank that is the width of your dog’s chest outside shoulder to outside shoulder. This makes it easy for him to stand on it. It needs to be at least 3 times his body length nose to base of tail. Review standing on it like it was a shorter platform. It helps

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Discussion M13L4

What prompt could you have used in lesson 2 to get your dog to go in and lay down in a box? If you had trouble with that one, try using the prompt. Did it help your dog to get a “jump start” of what to do? Fade the prompt.

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Obj 9: More Locations

Objective 9: More Locations Next, we practice it before jumping up on a log. Note I am using a hand signal while holding the leash. The leash is kept loose so I am not putting any pressure on it to stop her. You can see the U-shaped loop of the leash if you watch closely

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