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Foundation Concepts - Module 10

Small Dog Adaptation

Small dogs have a couple of additional challenges for greeting people. They are small so the person has to bend over them (or ideally squat). Some people want to pick up small dogs or at the very least let them rear up on their leg. Neither is what we want. I start small dogs by […]

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Discussion M08G10 B

1).  Do you typically train with a leash? Did you try it without a leash? If you can’t do that due to being out of a safe enclosed area, then either drop the leash to the ground or attach the leash to an extra long waist belt so your hands are free. Both of these

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Obj 5 Go Say Hi to New People

Objective 5: Dog repeats the process with a new person.  This video clip is an excellent example of how you need to be able to read a dog and respond to her communication.  You will need some history on this dog as she is not typical for a service dog. She was professionally trained as

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Obj 4 Turns Back to Handler

Objective 4: Dog goes to target the helper’s hand on cue and turns back to handler for treat. Here we are adding the turn in (not distance) as the helper suggests. Ideally, we don’t want to increase distance at the same time as that might be too much for some dogs. It actually was for this

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Problem Solving

This poodle can do bouncy greetings so this is why we are trainer her to also do a nose target greeting. After one correct repetition, the helper finds that the dog thinks a paw target (shake a paw) is what is wanted. The dog’s previous family taught the dog this behavior as a trick. To

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Discussion M10G8

What hand and verbal cues are you going to use?  When would you start adding a cue? Make a plan on how you would shrink the size of the target then remove it’s use. What materials might you use? What things would you consider? How else might you teach backing up? (Hint: think about capturing.)

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