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Foundation Concepts - Module 09

Discussion M07L3

1. Can you think of a training video in class that you have seen that demonstrates loopy behavior training? Hint: it’s in the capturing module. 2. Look back at the training videos you have filmed so far. Choose one and take a look at it to see if your training is loopy training. If not, […]

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Obj. 4: “Works the Clock” Paw Target with changing distances TAM07G4

Objective 4: Dog changes distance as he “Works the Clock”. Use a variable interval for distance on these paw targets to keep the behavior interesting! Dropping the treat, rather than tossing it as I state in the video, will give you better control of where it lands. Tip:If the dog starts jumping on the target with both

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Discussion TAM07G5

1.  How quickly did your dog adapt to the changing size of the paw target? 2. Try adding distance beyond 10 feet. If you do it on grass or rough pavement, you can use this as a way to give your dog exercise on days when you can’t get out for a walk. Avoid slick

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Discussion M07L2

When training a dog to hold his chin still on your hand for a period of 10 seconds, which schedule of reinforcement would you use?  Why? When first capturing direct eye contact with your dog, which schedule of reinforcement would you use?  Why? When your dog has been trained and is reliably doing a medical alert for

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