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Foundation Concepts - Module 03

Observation Practice

Check out this session from two community dogs interacting on the street. Turn off the volume.  the entire sequence once first. Then go back and focus on one dog and list the behaviors you see each dog do. Use a time stamp (for example 0:10) to list when you see each behavior. Repeat with the […]

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Interpretation Here are some isolated behaviors seen at a dog park. For each time stamp, explain for each which part of the text is observation of the behavior and which is interpretation (gives value or judgement about the behavior)? 1:31 1:39 1:58 2:08 2:29 2:31 2:41 3:03 3:08 Do you see how easily someone else’s

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Session 6 (Second Dog)

Session 6 (Second Dog) Here is part of a failed session with Jessie. At 0:09 she gets magnetized by the spoon tapping and runs over to Bruce. He stops tapping and I move closer to her to connect with her. She comes the next time I call her and I feed her this time.

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Session 5

Session 5 In this session, we reduced the number of treats Bruce is giving her back to 2, and I make sure to start out feeding her at least one . Both are cheese treats. She looks back at me at 0:36 to see if I am really done with her. Is this the start

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Session 4

Session 4 In this later session we are working a little closer to Bruce and have added a few different behaviors together in a chain with no reinforcers. I vary how many behaviors I ask for so it’s not always getting harder for her.

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Session 3

Session 3 In this one we work at a distance where she cannot see Bruce while we are working.  I am still marking and treating but on a variable schedule. At 0:31 Bruce picks up the bowl and she backs away, still watching him. At 0:51 she gets mesmerized by the fact that he is still

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Session 2

Session 2 In the next session, it would have been better to have her move sideways, rather than towards Bruce to paw as she then has to make a hard choice if she wants to move away from him or go to him. We were changed two things here which made it harder for her.

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Session 1

Session 1 First, I ask for Bruce to help me with the training and he agrees. I start off giving my helper instructions to wait until I let him know to start tapping, then after the dog had done several behaviors for me, I would send her to him and he would feed the two

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Discussion L3G9

Does your dog enjoy sniffing? If so, what specific things or situations? What trained behaviors that your dog is not so enthusiastic about doing could sniffing on cue be used to Premack? Give it a try. Report your success here after 5 training sessions.  Now that you’ve seen Premack in action and had a chance

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Doing Training Setups

Doing Training Set-Ups The key thing with using Premack’s Principle is to do set ups in training. Carefully plan out what you are going to do and bring the dog into a situation that has been prepared ahead of time.  Start with doing the less likely behavior, then send the dog to do an activity the dog

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