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Foundation Concepts - Module 02

Discussion CAM2L8

Which ones can you improve with your dog? How many mark and treats did you count between 1:35 and 1:49? Use the slow speed wheel on youtube if you need to. What are the 3 ways you can deliver a treat to improve your training? When you are getting the reinforcements off your body, where can you […]

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Discussion CAM2L5

What behaviors does your dog most commonly use when he is stressed?   Look at the video you made in the previous lesson (Discussion M2L2). Does your dog show any signs of stress? Which ones? Put a time stamp for each one.

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Capturing Potty CAM2L4

Capturing “Potty” Objective 1: Dog pees in front of you.   Here is a video clip of a male shelter dog sniffing around before he pees. Can you predict when he is going to pee just before he does? What specific behaviors tells you that is is going to pee? Share your prediction in the Discussion.

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Discussion CAM2G2

1). If your dog was running between two people as a game or if you tossed a treat far away, describe how you would capture a recall (the dog running towards you). What specific behavior would you mark? When would you feed?  When would you add the cue? 2). There are many small behaviors like

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Discussion M2G1 CAM2G1

1. Is your dog a jumper? Do you think this will work with him? Why or why not? 2. Try it! How long does it take to get to the start of stage 2 with the first person? 3. Compare that with how long it takes to get to the start of stage 2 with

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Problem Solving CAM2G1

Problem Solving: If your dog rears up as you approach and before you get your hands on him, simply stop moving. Do not interact. Place your hands at your side. Do not talk to him. Do not turn away. We want to reward the calm, not the excitement of your approach. Any attention given while he’s excited

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Handling Mistakes CAM2L2

How to Handle Mistakes When your dog makes a mistake, simply do not click and don’t say anything. The dog will probably look at your hand or the treat pouch or even your face to see why you didn’t click. Don’t make a face or purse your lips or say “Uh uh”. These are aversives

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