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Make a Daily Schedule

Preparation-Schedules and Logs Make a Daily Schedule It helps to have a daily reminder until you get into the habit of having a puppy around. Create a paper or computer schedule for the puppy or dog.  Include: what times will the puppy eat, potty, sleep, play, socialization, and do mental exercise (environmental enrichment and training). […]

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Pet Professionals

Note contact information of any pet professionals you deal with in the front of your journal so it is handy. Find a veterinarian for your puppy. Look for one that has the same philosophy on vaccinations, handling, training and feeding as you do or is at least open to considering what you are asking them

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Ask the Breeder:

G. Ask the Breeder: what your puppy has been eating from the breeder and purchase or make about 2 weeks to one month supply so while he is adjusting to your home, he won’t have a tummy upset due to a change of food. The pup is going through enough changes. If you want to

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E. Where Will Puppy Potty? Decide where the puppy will potty. This needs to be a fairly small area with easy access to a commonly used door and in a quiet area away from people passing. Take your puppy out on leash and praise liberally after the pup goes. You can treat if you want. Make

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Where Will Puppy Sleep?

D). Where Will Puppy Sleep? Decide ahead of time where your puppy is going to sleep at night and during the day.Are you going to start with him sleeping with you on your bed? If so you can roll up a soft blanket, fleece or large towel and make a circle from it. Place the

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Puppy Proofing

C. Puppy Proofing Puppy proofing is the process of making the rooms safe where your pup will spend time over the next few months. You might as well do it elsewhere in your home where the puppy will later gain access as well. It’s best to be ready sooner than later to prevent mourning your

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B. Materials: Here is a list of materials that you will need to get before your puppy comes home. Many of these can be borrowed from friends or purchased second hand as he will grow out of them quickly. newspapers and many of them! (or rolls of newsprint). You can use these to line the

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Build Your Support Team!

A). Build Your Support Team! When training a dog, it takes a support team to successfully get a dog to the point of being a good member of the community. Just like it takes a community to raise a child, so does it take a community to socialize and train a dog. This is the

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