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Everyone brings a different puppy-safe toy or puzzle from home to play with her. Wash it before bringing it with them. Always supervise and remove after done playing. Toys go back home with them and they wash them in soap and water before letting their dogs play with them. Suggestions: Soft stuffy toy squeaky toy

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Meeting People

Start with one on one exposure. If there are two or three adults or children, have them take turns interacting. Have one child sit on the floor while the others stand and watch. Have some treats and toys nearby.  Place the puppy on the ground about 10 feet away. Let puppy do what he wants.

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Take Your Puppy to the People

There are many public places where you can take your pup to watch people and interact with them. Use the location to target specific age groups or other characteristics. Check out the list of locations in Training 5C. Choose a spot at the edge of a crowd. You can start further away if your pup

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Puppy Gatherings

Holding small “Puppy Gatherings” once the pup has settled into your home abd built a bond with you for a few weeks works well to get numbers up, but limit the number of people to how many you can control. The ideal maximum number is 4-6 people. Adults can supervise the kids (with your guidance

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When Can We Start?

Like human babies learning language, expanding a pup’s social world starts slowly but gains momentum over time. Each experience builds on the next and the pup builds a ‘vocabulary’ of social beings that is normal for her.   Socialization starts slowly on the first day your pup is brought home. Introduce her to your human

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What Does an Exposure Look Like?

All interactions must be positive, meaning that your puppy is totally comfortable with the situation. Interactions can be short. 5 minutes is ideal. Start at a distance and let your pup observe the other animal. When he is ready, let him move in closer. Watch his body language for any hesitation or conflict. If you

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Introduction – Definitions

What is Socialization Period? Socialization is the positive short exposures a pup needs to become familiar with other living beings (of the same and different species) during the period of life when she is most affected by it. The pup is sensitive to socialization during this narrow window and exposure only needs to be brief.

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