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What Foods To Avoid? P04L25

What Foods To Avoid? Commercially made dry treats that crumble. This teaches your pup to scavenge off the ground if a tiny bit falls. Save these for Kongs and food puzzles. Avoid using liver or kidney alone as a training treat. It is very rich and too much can cause diarrhea. It is best to […]

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Feeding Puppy P04L25

Feeding your puppy by hand helps to build the bond. Of course, any training you do that will involve hand-feeding rewards also does it as well.  For food, if the breeder hasn’t already recommended or required it, you might want to consider adding at least 20% of fresh food to your dog’s kibble or feed a

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Obj. 6: Other New Environments

Objective 6: Pup experiences new environments I take advantage of trips to the store to socialize a pup. One person goes to do the shopping, the other takes the pup outside the entrance or in the store to acclimate (sniff, listen and look around) then train if the pup is ready for it. The session

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Obj. 4: In the House and Yard

Objective 4: Pup experiences objects in the house and yard Every day objects can be used to enrich your puppy’s world. Simply changing their orientation and get your pup to interact with them can be valuable for building confidence. These can be used during puppy gatherings. Here is a small table. Use it upright to get

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Loud Sounds [Pt 2]

Loud Sounds I have left this section until after your pup has previous exposure and confidence with other objects and in other environments. This is to give you time and experience learning to observe your pup and be able to judge what she can and cant handle and what behaviors she shows that indicate fear.

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Obj. 7: Loud Sounds [Pt 1]

Objective 7: Pup experiences loud sounds from a distance  Use a CD or DVD to play sounds that are not normally in your environment. Start at low volume and increase as your pup is comfortable with. You can leave the sounds on in the background if they occur on an irregular pattern. Here is a Youtube

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Obj. 3: Scents

Objective 3: Pup experiences a variety of Scents   You can also bring things in that have different scents on them. Make sure the objects won’t have disease on them.  Remember how you sent a piece of clothing with your scent on it to the breeder? Or your breeder sent a blanket with the litter scent? As

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Obj. 2: Indoor Objects

Objective 2: Pup experiences a variety of objects indoors Here is a list of things that you can attach a string to and hang either off the edge of an X-pen or one a horizontal pole (like an adjustable shower rod). This introduces your puppy to things moving in the wind, sounds that are created in doing so,

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Obj. 3 Choosing Puppy Classes

Objective 3: Pup will attend a carefully chosen class with his handler  Now that you have done some of your own socialization, you will have a better idea of how to choose puppy classes that will help to further your pup’s socialization and focus on you.  Here is a link that gives you a checklist

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