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Anxiety Tasks

Health Check AT2L10

Health Check First, make sure your dog is physically healthy to do the task.  Make sure he is physically mature (18 months for most dogs, longer for larger dogs), has no recent injuries or joint issues. If you are using your dog for this task more than just occasionally, make sure to get his health […]

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Which Harness AT2L10

Which Harness? There are many harnesses to choose from. If you only need your dog to guide you out of places or provide mild tension for light balance work then a light mobility harness is all that is needed. You can choose from flexible or stiff handles that extend from the harness to your hand. A

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Discussion (AT1T4)

1). Before or as you train Objective 11, think about the progression of your usual anxiety behaviors. Make a list of them and put them in the order they occur. Use this order but train them backward starting with the last one first. Share your anxiety progression in your journal. This allows you to refer to in the

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Obj 8: Generalize Behavior AT1T1

Generalize to at least 4 other locations in the house. Start retraining the behavior right from the beginning in each new room or location. Dogs do not generalize well. You may find, however, that after about 5 different rooms, your dog may speed through the relearning process faster each time. When you retrain away from really

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Keep Going Signal AT2T7C

You may need to start with using a “keep going signal” (KGS) or “bridge” to let your dog know that he needs to keep doing the pulling behavior once the paw targets are placed far apart. This KGS lets the dog know he’s doing the right thing and you want him to keep doing it.

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