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Next Registration Open - July 3 to 11

The Service Puppy and Foundation Concept Classes have OPEN registration any time.

The classes are listed in the order that it is recommended that you take them.

Puppy Class

Dog Trainer Donna with labrador puppy

Service Puppy Program

Our 2 month online Self-Study “Service Puppy” program for puppies 8-16 weeks old provides a flexible outline to build a bond with your pup. It teaches you how to teach your pup how to be a functional dog.

Foundation Concept Classes

Concept training is revolutionary in the dog training world! Fast, effective and fun for you both! Learning to teach your dog foundation behaviors by concepts rather than method empowers you to become the best trainer you can be for your service dog in training! Learn to train like a professional dog trainer!

Free shaping service dog training

(1) Capturing

The easiest way to get any behavior your dog does naturally is to use capturing. It's a great way to teach any dog to want to work with you.

Dogs mirroring each other

(2) Social Learning

Dogs learn from other dogs and from humans. Find out how to effectively use this approach to help your dog learn desirable behaviors!

Service Dog Learning Nose Tageting

(3) Targeting & Luring

Far more than just a nose to hand, targeting is one concept to get many behaviors! It's also a great way to build focus and body awareness.

Service Dog learning on mat

(4) Classical Conditioning

Always present in learning, classical conditioning can be used on it's own to teach behaviors and add cues and change emotional responses.

service dog-opening-door

(5) Shaping

Shaping is a process of ‘capturing’ a series of tiny behaviours that lead to a larger finished behaviour.** If you want become a great dog trainer, this is one class you need to take to develop your skills!**

Dog learning tricks (going through tunnel)

Tricks for Service Dogs
(Body Awareness)

Teaching tricks to your service dog is a fun and pressure-free way to experiment with different teaching techniques while also teaching basic behaviors for advanced tasks.

Settle Relax Class

Dog settles in car wheel well

Settle-Relax Program

Settle or relax is a crucial foundation skill that every service dog needs. This calm behavior takes time to develop but you will learn how to teach your dog to be relaxed on a mat using several different concepts. Discover how to refine the base behavior and generalize it to public places. The process also helps the handler relax as well.

Leash Walking for Service Dog Classes

Lagotto Service Dog Wheelchair Owner

Wheelchair Leash Walking

In this class, your dog will learn 4 walking and settling positions with wheelchairs and scooters in various environments. You will also learn how to increase the LLW distance using a "stations" approach. The class is perfect for anyone working with clients or training dogs, and covers international standards for public wheelchair accessibility. 2 hr CEU quiz

service dog team walking in store

Loose Leash Walking Program

Loose leash walking is essential for service dogs, as it requires self-control and patience. Teaching each component separately through positive reinforcement is more effective than rushing and using punishment or tools.

Service dog with head halter

Harnesses, Vests and Head Halters

Teaching your dog to wear a head halter is so much more than just putting it on. Check out this class that breaks the process into fun steps for you and your dog to wear it happily and confidently! This is a combination deal of Harnesses and Vests with Head Halters into one longer class - A two-for-one deal.  $60 value now offered at C$30.  2.0 hr CEU Quiz

Public Access Classes

Dogs_passing 2

Nailed It!
Confidence Games for Owner-Trained Service Dogs

Have you ever wondered how professional service dog programs prepare a dog for life as a service dog? Find out what they focus on and the approaches they use so your dog will be ready for anything! (starting in familiar locations). Learn how to apply systematic desensitization and counter conditioning.

service dog training with student and dog boarding a bus

Public Access Formal Training

Preparing your dog to confidently work in retail, restaurants and accommodation locations is a deliberate process. Find out how to know when your dog is ready for public access training and how to teach your dog what behavior is expected when interacting with common features and situations you will experience in real life together.

Medical Task Classes

Service dog performing Anxiety task for owner

Anxiety Tasks

Discover how to teach your service dog some common tasks for people with anxiety or PTSD in this 3 module program.
They include a nose nudge, chin rest, deep pressure therapy, blocking, pulling forward in a harness and finding an exit. Discover other ways you can use your service dog to help ground you. 3.0 hr CEU quiz.

Service dog retrieving credit card for wheelchair owner

Service Dog Retrieve Program

Service dogs need to know how to do a solid retrieve to hand, which involves picking up and delivering objects. This skill is useful for various tasks, such as retrieving dropped items or bringing objects to a specific location. Dogs learn to handle different materials, shapes, and sizes, and to control their mouth pressure when carrying objects. This skill is essential for many other tasks performed by service dogs. In total, there are 35 games that involve teaching this skill.

Library Subscription

SDTI Library subscription image

Library Subscription

Learn about our online library that includes videos, video discussion forum, audios, blog articles, live Q & A, webinars, links to service dog-related research studies and more!

Free Sample Lesson

Free Sample!
Service Dog Learning Nose Tageting

Free Sample Lesson

Navigate around the sample lesson to see how our module format works. (Samples from Foundation Concept-Targeting & Luring class)


Service with handler walking in public through automatic doorway

Ultimate Leash Walking Webinar

Walking on a leash is a critical skill for a service dog to learn yet can be one of the most difficult behaviors for a dog because of all the layers involved. In this webinar you will learn to build a consistent leash walking behavior using a layered approach. Closed Captioned. 1.5 hr CEU quiz.

SDTI Stress in the Service Dog Webinar Image

Stress and the Owner-Trained Service Dog Webinar

Learn how to recognize signs of stress in a service dog, what causes it and practical ways to address it. Discover the biology behind stress. Prerecorded 60 minute webinar includes 30 minute question/answer session. 1.5 hr CEU quiz.

School Bundle Specials

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– Bundle 1 –
Foundation Concepts

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– Bundle 2 –
Leash Skills & Settle

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