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  1. This package is for student self-study only. 
  2. Students of this class have access to the material for 2 year starting from the date of purchase.  
  3. NOTE: There are no refunds for classes.  Please read the course descriptions carefully before registering. 

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Difficulties Making Payments with PayPal.

If you are experiencing difficulties making payments with PayPal, here are some suggestions.

What to do when PayPal security Catpcha challenges you multiple times.

This is most often a security feature from PayPal with CAPTCHA. 

  • Clear your browser history, close your browser and open it and try again.  (Google search how to do this for your particular machine/browser). Look for the PayPal cookie and remove just that one.
  • Try using a different browser. There may be incompatibilities with Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc so open a different one and try from there. Sometimes older browsers don’t function properly with the new PayPal security.
  • You can keep trying to click on the correct CAPTCHA answers. Eventually, it will go through.
  • Disable the ad blocker on your security.
  • Try a different machine to access payment. (Phone, tablet, laptop or desktop). Or if you are on a computer with higher level of security (like at work), PayPal may be affected due to ad blocker there so trying at home may help.
  • Use the PayPal App to pay. It doesn’t seem to have this issue.
  • If you are Canadian, you can pay us via e-transfer and Bruce (computer support) can put you in the class, assuming you have already created an account (entered all your information) when attempting to pay.

What to do when PayPal stalls during the payment process.

Sometimes the payment process with just “hang” once you have been directed over to PayPal and have logged-in to your account there. A fix that seems to work is to wait about 1-2 minutes and if it is still processing, then do a page reload (Command-R-depending on your browser). We have noticed that the process will continue as normal and you will then be re-directed back to the SDTI website.