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Never Have a Night Crying Puppy Again!

puppy loop no more crying

As a person training your own service dog, the last thing you need a is a puppy that cries all night. It stresses you out and it stresses the pup out. And it’s not a great start on bonding. So‚Ķread this article!

I have slept with all my puppies, then phase them out by transitioning them to a crate. Crates are handy for travelling. A tip for small breeds is to roll up a towel or fleece and make a ring. That will prevent you from laying on your pup while you sleep. You can also use it to help your pup learn to sleep in the crate as it smells familiar.

Sleep Loop for Young Puppies - No More Crying at Night

The bond that is created when you sleep with your pup is very strong and that is needed for service dogs. A bonus is that you wake up when the pup starts moving around and this makes night-time house training so easy.

Thanks to Jill Breitner of for the article.

This TedX Talk by Jaak Panksepp reveals some important information about physical connection and emotion and the importance of this connection in mammals and birds.

The Science of Emotions

Sleeping with your pup when you first bring him home is the first step to beginning the secure attachment that we want with our pups.

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