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Service with handler walking in public through automatic doorway

Ultimate Leash Walking

Walking on a leash is a critical skill for a service dog to learn yet can be one of the most difficult behaviors for a dog to learn because of all the layers involved. 

In this webinar you will learn to build a consistent leash walking behavior using a layered approach. No matter where you are starting or the length of leash, you will target the specific elements that your dog is missing. From puppies afraid to leave the driveway to adult dogs that drag you down the street, there is a solution for all dogs! No luring, no verbal cues, no stopping with waiting and no punishment or corrective equipment needed.

This webinar provides the overview understanding of the specifics of the layers. Ideal for service dog handlers, keen dog owners and professional dog trainers alike to gain a larger understanding of what your dog is missing and how the pieces fit together.