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Lesson 5 Desensitization and Counter Conditioning CCM11L5

Desensitization and Counter Conditioning What Is Counter Conditioning? from “Pairing stimuli that evoke one response with an opposite response, so that the stimulus now evokes the new response. Counter conditioning is typically used to eliminate phobias. Thus, a (dog) might be given a (high value) food (or toy) while the feared object is gradually moved closer and […]

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Intro Discussion M1

1). So we’ve done much reading and thinking so far about training. Let’s put some of the ideas down to help process them. If you have other questions, this is where you can note them as well.  I find the Cornell Method of Note taking is helpful.  2).  If you have gone through the material

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Game 9 Yuk! Gross! SLM6G9

Game 9 – Yuk! Gross! This is the behavior we use to mean “It’s gross” “Don’t eat it”, “Leave it alone” or “Yuk, Drop it.” This behavior makes use of social referencing for novel items (the dog looks at your face to see your reaction). You can teach this by using 5 different small pieces

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