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FC - Module 11

Game 17 – Putting on a Muzzle

Putting on a Muzzle Every dog should learn to wear a muzzle. Firstly because it’s a fun thing to learn! Secondly, because it is an extension of handling a potentially sensitive part of the body. Thirdly because in case of emergency, your dog will experience less stress if he is already comfortable wearing one and […]

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Game 16 – Using New Reinforcers

Using New Reinforcers These variations of the game gradually introduce the different kinds of reinforcers. Remember that you can still be training other different behaviors using food or toy reinforcers using 1:1 and/or intermittent reinforcement at the same time as you are playing these games. That way, it won’t seem like you are suddenly stopping the use of

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Game15 – Switching Sides

Game15 – Switching Sides Switching sides is a useful skill for any dog to have. As you are walking along and change sides of the road to face oncoming traffic, when moving through doors, to use the dog for mobility support, or to move your dog to your other side to add distance from to keep her

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Lesson 7 – Behavior Chains

Lesson 7 – Behavior Chains Putting several behaviors together in a row is a behavior chain. Behaviors chains are useful to reduce the amount of reinforcements given, and to create complicated behaviors. Behaviors may be a series of the same behavior (such as in loose leash walking or stairs where many steps are put together in

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Game 14 – Stand

The Stand Behavior The stand behavior is helpful to get a dog ready to move. It is useful when putting on and taking off a harness, being groomed or at the vet’s office or waiting standing in a line up. Placed sideways in front of or behind you, it can be a physical block to create

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