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FC - Module 08

Game 9 Yuk! Gross! SLM6G9

Game 9 – Yuk! Gross! This is the behavior we use to mean “It’s gross” “Don’t eat it”, “Leave it alone” or “Yuk, Drop it.” This behavior makes use of social referencing for novel items (the dog looks at your face to see your reaction). You can teach this by using 5 different small pieces

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Game 8 Freeze SLM6G8

Game 8 – Freeze You can use mimicry to teach useful behaviors too. Repeat a behavior several times (no more than 5 total attempts in a row) until either he does the behavior correctly or shows he’s not understanding it. Take a break and try again later. Think about how else you might demonstrate it that

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Game 7 – Copying Humans Husbandry Behaviors SLM5G7

Husbandry Behaviors Social learning can help teach your dog to participate willingly in husbandry behaviours like toothbrushing, wearing a muzzle, grooming, using a simulated stethoscope etc.  Making sure any powered tools are unplugged or switched off, start with showing your dog that you can safely sniff the objects. Let them sniff the object. Next demonstrate how they will

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Lesson 8 – Model/Rival

Lesson 8 – Model/Rival Approach to Learning I thoght it would be interesting to include a bit of history: Dr. Irene Pepperdine is a researcher who has been studying the capability of grey parrots to understand human language. She initially adapted the model rival teaching approach from a study done with apes. Here is one study she

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