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FC - Module 01

Intro Discussion M1

1). So we’ve done much reading and thinking so far about training. Let’s put some of the ideas down to help process them. If you have other questions, this is where you can note them as well.  I find the Cornell Method of Note taking is helpful.  2).  If you have gone through the material […]

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Lesson 4 – Reinforcement Value

Since reinforcement is key to how a dog acquires and maintains behaviors, we must understand what it is and what our dog values as reinforcers. Reinforcement is anything the dog values enough to find motivating to repeat behavior. You can tell if something is a reinforcer since the dog repeats the behavior that occurred before

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Lesson 2 – Learning in Dogs

Learning in Dogs Let’s jump right in!  Before you actually start training I want to give you some background context for training a dog. It’s important to understand the overall process and final desired product so you have the bigger goal in mind, yet at the same time, you need to be present working with

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