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Service dog with head halter

Harnesses, Vests and Head Halters

Overview Who is this for? CEU Certificate Overview Class Goals:  Dog happily wears flat body harnesses and vests and walks with you or another handler without pulling, in the presence of high-level distractions and triggers. Discussion of service dog vests is included. Who is this for? Can’t get your SDit to stop pulling when he’s excited or distracted? Does […]

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service dog team walking in store

Loose Leash Walking Program

Overview Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Overview Loose leash walking is one of the two most fundamental behaviors that an assistance dog needs. 
(Also see class on teaching “Settle”.)  In fact, “Hurry up and Wait!” could be a service dog’s motto! Both behaviors require self-control and duration of time. 
This means it takes a long time

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Service dog retrieving credit card for wheelchair owner

Service Dog Retrieve Program

Overview Level 1 Level 2 Overview A solid retrieve to hand is an important skill for most service dogs. Whether picking up a dropped object, delivering an object to your hand or between your legs when sitting, your dog needs to learn how to pick up, carry, hold and deliver objects to a location that

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Lagotto Service Dog Wheelchair Owner

Wheelchair Leash Walking

Overview Materials CEU Certificate Overview Class Goals: Your dog learns the 4 desired positions to walk and settle with a manual wheelchair in open areas, ramps, parking lots/parkades and in tight spaces like bathrooms and elevators. She also learns where to position herself when getting in and out of the vehicle. We use platforms, targeting, capturing,

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service dog training with student and dog boarding a bus

Public Access – Formal Training

Overview What will you Learn? CEU Certificate Overview Preparing your dog to confidently work in retail, restaurants, transportation and accommodation locations is a deliberate process. It requires a careful break down and gradual familiarization for your dog to work in places with high distraction and unpredictable situations. Find out how to know when your dog is

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Service dog performing Anxiety task for owner

Anxiety Tasks

Overview How it works? Who is this for? What will you Learn? What Do I Need? A Better Understanding CEU Certificate Overview Our Self-Study “Anxiety Tasks” program provides a structured program to follow to teaches you how to teach your dog several tasks needed by handlers with anxiety or PTSD. The handler learns the theory

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