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golden in car boot
My Service Dog is Worth More than Your Vehicle!
A local service dog training organization has calculated the value of a certified service dog at CDN$80,000....
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Service Dog Training Costs and Expenses
Prices for Puppies & Dogs Have Increased
Udate Sept 2022: Now that people are going back to work, there is a surplus of puppies on the market....
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lab puppy closed mouth hard wrinkles
All Dogs of the Same Breed Are Not Created Equal!
Many people who are looking for a service dog just pick a breed whose general characteristics they like,...
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sample BC service dog certificate tag
The Process of Certifying a Service Dog in British Columbia
If you need your service dog or assistance dog to accompany you in public places where pet dogs cannot...
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dog training of past present future
Dog Training Past, Present and Future
There are many ways to train a dog to be a service dog or just a well-adjusted canine family member....
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sample BC service dog certificate tag
Public Access Assessment Tests-An Overview
While public access testing is not required in many areas, there are several reasons why training your...
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