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Golden retriever mother feeding her puppies that will be service dog candidates
Are You Considering Breeding Service Dogs? You Need to Know This!
(Or Are You Looking for a Service Dog?) Due to the high demand for service dogs, more people are...
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dog toys in store
Marker-based Training Without Food
We recently received this question! Thought we would post the answer in case it was useful...
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adult neutered dog with Elizabethan cone
At What Age Should I Spay/Neuter My Service Dog?
The decision if or not to spay or neuter your service dog candidate and when to do it depends on many...
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Service Dog Training Costs and Expenses
3 Common Mistakes Made by Owner Trained Service Dogs
(Part A)
There are three mistakes that owner-trainers of assistance dogs commonly make when training their own...
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Can you read this as a worried service dog being handled?
3 Common Mistakes Made by Owner Trainers of Service Dogs
(Part B)
Click Here to See Part A B). Choosing the Wrong Dog for the Job Owner-trainers need to start out with...
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support team for service dog is key
3 Common Mistakes Made by Owner Trainers of Service Dogs
(Part C)
Click Here to See Part B C). Not Having a Support System for Themselves to Help Meet the Dog’s...
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puppy loop no more crying
Never Have a Night Crying Puppy Again!
As a person training your own service dog, the last thing you need a is a puppy that cries all night....
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senior and adult lab
Importance of Grandparents when Choosing a Service Dog Candidate
Here’s an article that will be helpful for those searching for a service dog.A summary of several...
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Global Dog Village - collaborative online dog trainer
How to Choose an In-Person Service Dog Trainer to Help You Train
I was recently asked how a person would go about finding a trainer that will help them to train their...
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