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separating puppies from litter to socialize and train
Socializing Puppies
while still with the litter
Since I’ve had several questions about raising Service Dog puppies recently, here’s a list...
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Service dog helping handler in wheelchair
List of Service Dog and
Assistance Dog Tasks or
What Your Dog Can Do For You
While most people categorize the type of service dog by the tasks it does for the handler, all service...
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screenshot of program overview
Stick With The Program!
There are many distractions today when owner-training a service dog. And I’m not only talking about...
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lessons from clicker training
What We Learn by Marker Training our Service Dog
(Part 1)
Marker-based training aka “Clicker Training” is an approach to training your dog but it’s...
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improve your timing with bouncing ball dog training SDTI
More Life Lessons of Training a Service Dog with Clicker Training
(Part 2)
Click here for Part 1 Improves our Eye/Hand Coordination: The mechanical skills used in marker training...
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Service Dog with vest in grocery store. Service Dog Training Institute
Do I Need to Certify my Service Dog or Assistance Dog?
Do I Need to Certify my Dog? The answer is, it depends in what environments you want to use your dog’s...
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Canada flag
In Canada, How Can I Get My Self-Trained Service Dog Legally Certified as a Service Dog?
First, it is the team, not just the dog that is certified. Getting my Self-Trained Service Dog legally...
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relax settle at red patio tables as a base behavior for all service dogs
Two Service Dog Behaviours That Confuse Handlers:
Settle/Down and
Loose Leash Walking/Heel
When owner trainers start training their dogs as a service dog or assistance dog candidate, I recommend...
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Match the service dog breed to country of origin quiz
Service Dog Breed Origin Match Game
Look at the puppy on the left. Can you identify the breed?  If you can, match it with the country where...
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