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assessing potential service dog candidate
Where to Find a Service Dog Candidate
With the low success rate of owner-trained service dogs, finding a quality service dog that will be keen...
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2 adult bichon dogs
Finding a Service Dog Candidate-General Points 
What Makes a Good Service Dog? If you want your dog to accompany you in public to mitigate your disabilities,...
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assessing a dog's potential as service dog -golden retriever
Assessing a Potential Service Dog Candidate
Assessing a dog for his or her potential as a service dog is not easy. There are very limited tests to...
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Are Puppy Evaluation / Temperament Tests Predictive of the Adult Dog Temperament?
This is a hot topic and one that I will leave to the experts! Recently a non-profit group called the...
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service dog handler sit in chair with her dog settled at her feet
Characteristics of a Successful Owner Trainer of a Service Dog
While Owner-trainers are not professional dog trainers, they do need to have many of the characteristics...
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lagotto service dog
Choosing a Breed or Breed Mix for a Service Dog
Question:  How do I choose a large breed dog for my needs? I was considering German Shepherd Dogs...
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separating puppies from litter to socialize and train
Socializing Puppies
while still with the litter
Since I’ve had several questions about raising Service Dog puppies recently, here’s a list...
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Service dog helping handler in wheelchair
List of Service Dog and
Assistance Dog Tasks or
What Your Dog Can Do For You
While most people categorize the type of service dog by the tasks it does for the handler, all service...
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screenshot of program overview
Stick With The Program!
There are many distractions today when owner-training a service dog. And I’m not only talking about...
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