Obj 2: Nose Target from 4 Feet Away *Free*

Objective 2: Dog nose touches your hand from a distance of 4 feet.​

In this clip, we are adding a step. The dog must take a step in any direction to touch the target. At this point, some dogs get stuck in the sit. 

In this session, the handler uses her fingers at 0:08 to lure her Russian spaniel out of a sit so she can start adding a step. 

Here Lucy is nose touching my hand in a variety of unpredictable locations and moving several steps to do it. I switch hands and she is initially asked to run from a distance to target my hand. Fun!

I have not added a verbal cue yet. The presentation of my hand is enough for her to figure out what I want.

In 25 seconds, I get 6 repetitions in. That’s one every 4 seconds or so. Not bad considering we have added some distance.