Discussion (M9G1) *Free*


  1. For everyday life or your own disabilities, what behaviors do you need a nose target to start teaching?

  2. You will first have to identify which tasks you need your dog to do for you. Next, think about which one might be started with a nose target. Hint: A list of some behaviours that a nose target can start is in the introduction of the nose target lesson.

  3. What are the benefits of using the nose touch as a recall cue rather than a standard verbal recall? (Hint: it has to with how dogs naturally communicate with us and each other.)

  4. What other ways might you adapt the figure 8 if you don’t have the mobility or height to have your dog move between your legs?

  5. What challenges did you have with your dog learning this behavior?

  6. This is a great behavior to look at body language. Video several sessions of teaching the leg weave. Make sure we can see all of the dog at all times and you from the waist down.

    What body language/behaviors did your dog do to tell you he couldn’t or didn’t want to move under you or between your legs at first?

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