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Choosing a Service Dog Candidate

active field line labrador
Choosing a Service Dog:
What Do You Need
(Part 3)
To pick a service dog, ask yourself questions using a checklist provided in a series of 5 posts. Look...
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dalmatian sitting looking over shoulder
Choosing a Service Dog:
What Do You Need?
(Part 4)
Click here to see Part 3 31. Do you like attention? If you get an unusual looking breed or individual...
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service dog training free shaping chin rest
Choosing a Service Dog:
What Do You Need?
(Part 5)
Click here to see Part 4 41. Can you travel to visit a potential litter or dog? How far? This may limit...
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2 adult bichon dogs
Finding a Service Dog Candidate-General Points 
What Makes a Good Service Dog? If you want your dog to accompany you in public to mitigate your disabilities,...
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assessing potential service dog candidate
Where to Find a Service Dog Candidate
With the low success rate of owner-trained service dogs, finding a quality service dog that will be keen...
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assessing a dog's potential as service dog -golden retriever
Assessing a Potential Service Dog Candidate
Assessing a dog for his or her potential as a service dog is not easy. There are very limited tests to...
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Are Puppy Evaluation / Temperament Tests Predictive of the Adult Dog Temperament?
This is a hot topic and one that I will leave to the experts! Recently a non-profit group called the...
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lagotto service dog
Choosing a Breed or Breed Mix for a Service Dog
Question: How do I choose a large breed dog for my needs? I was considering German Shepherd Dogs but...
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Golden Puppy - Global Dog Village
Selecting & Training a Medical Alert Service Dog Puppy Candidate
“I discovered your amazing training methods while searching for ” trained diabetes alert...
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separating puppies from litter to socialize and train
Socializing Puppies
while still with the litter
Since I’ve had several questions about raising Service Dog puppies recently, here’s a list...
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senior and adult lab
Importance of Grandparents when Choosing a Service Dog Candidate
Here’s an article that will be helpful for those searching for a service dog. A summary of several...
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Service Dog Training Costs and Expenses
Prices for Puppies & Dogs Have Increased
Update Sept 2022: Now that people are going back to work, there is a surplus of puppies on the market....
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