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Canine Heart Quiz

puppy dog heart health quiz

Find out how much you know about dog heart health....

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Service dog potty training

Pottying a Service Dog

This is an important but often overlooked topic for service dogs.

Service dogs must be potty-trained and on command to control their location and timing. Know your dog’s bathroom routine, how often they go and can hold it. If you can’t take them out, have alternatives ready if you have limited outdoor access or mobility issues.

Service puppy relaxing during training session.

Apprehensive About Starting Your Service Puppy Candidate Off Right?

Puppies are simply babies. Don’t be afraid to “spoil” your puppy. You can gradually change how much care and direction a puppy needs in a process called shaping. This is where you plan graduated steps of changing or removing the support your puppy is getting as long as he is successful at the current step.