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Are Puppy Evaluation / Temperament Tests Predictive of the Adult Dog Temperament?


This is a hot topic and one that I will leave to the experts!

Recently a non-profit group called the Functional Dog Collaborative has addressed this subject. How they view puppy tests pretty much sums up my opinion.

I also find that the more experienced and interested a reputable breeder is for their puppies and personalities, the more hours they spend observing their puppies. I love the breeders who take notes as well so they can refer back to them. Because these breeders also stay connected to the families and can watch the pups mature into adult dogs, they also get to see the outcome.

When in doubt, I tend to rely on their opinion for a dog that will best match my needs, assuming I have communicated them clearly and honestly. What I want and think I need might be two different things.

If your breeder isn’t asking you many questions about you and your situation, run from them and find another who does! It’s worth the wait and may mean the difference between a dog that succeeds as your service dog and one that is an expensive pet.

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